Gown Customization

In the luxury fashion sector, the pursuit of distinction, self-expression, and the celebration of individual style takes center stage. This quest has sparked a growing trend in the customization of high-end gowns, particularly for the most exclusive pieces. Among the notable players, Mr. Dryclean emerges as a distinguished service provider renowned for its exceptional skill in elevating gowns to unparalleled heights of refinement and grace.

The Allure of Customization

Customization has become the holy grail of the fashion industry, offering clients the opportunity to express their individuality while wearing luxury garments. It adds a personal touch, transforming these already exquisite pieces into works of art that reflect the wearer’s personality and style. Gowns, in particular, are revered for their ability to exude grace and opulence.

The Customization Process



The process begins with a consultation session, giving you the chance to engage with Mr. Dryclean’s accomplished experts, who will delve deeply into your ideas, inspirations, and specific needs. Throughout it, you will actively work alongside our team to meticulously customize every aspect of your gown, striving for nothing less than perfection.


Design Concept

Following the initial consultation, the team at Mr. Dryclean will embark on the process of crafting a design concept tailored to your vision, encompassing fabric selections, embellishments, silhouettes, and color palettes. Our designers will generate sketches and mood boards to provide you with a vivid representation of the final outcome. Once the design concept is perfected, they will transform your vision into reality, demonstrating expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Custom Embellishments

Detail is where the magic happens. Whether it’s intricate beadwork, hand-applied lace, or delicate embroidery, Mr. Dryclean’s artisans excel in adding bespoke embellishments that make your gown one-of-a-kind. Each stitch is a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Fitting and Alterations

Ensuring both comfort and confidence, a flawlessly tailored gown is a must. Mr. Dryclean’s skilled tailors will customize your gown for a perfect fit, making any required adjustments to ensure you radiate beauty on every special occasion.


Lining Replacement

Before your dress makes its first grand debut, it passes through a sequence of final touches, such as steaming, pressing, and thorough quality checks. Each aspect is meticulously examined to guarantee that it aligns with Mr. Dryclean’s firm standards.

Why Choose Mr. Dryclean?

Custom Tailoring

Every gown is meticulously crafted to match the precise measurements of the individual, guaranteeing a perfect fit that accentuates their figure. Additionally, it’s customized with elaborate designs and distinctive adornments, mirroring the personal style and tastes of the wearer.

Exclusive Consultation

Clients receive one-on-one attention, where their preferences and requirements are carefully noted and respected, ensuring that each service is tailored to provide a unique and satisfying experience.

Privacy and Discretion

Mr. Dryclean’s approach includes implementing advanced security measures and maintaining a strict no-disclosure policy, ensuring that every aspect of a client’s interaction remains confidential. Furthermore, we regularly train our staff in the importance of discretion, reinforcing a culture of trust and privacy within the business.

Innovative Cleaning Techniques

Building on this approach, we also ensure that each garment receives personalized attention, tailoring the cleaning process to suit the specific fabric and design requirements.

Wide Range of Fabrics

Mr. Dryclean is skilled in handling a variety of materials, from classic silks and satins to modern synthetic blends. Our expertise extends to ensuring that each fabric retains its texture and color, even after multiple cleaning sessions.

At the Forefront of High Fashion

Opting for gown customization at Mr. Dryclean takes your ultra-luxury fashion journey to unparalleled levels. Our commitment to exquisite craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and bespoke service has positioned us at the forefront of high fashion. Selecting Mr. Dryclean means acquiring more than just a dress; it’s about owning a masterpiece that narrates your distinct tale through fashion artistry.

What Our Customers Say

Talia ArakelianTalia Arakelian
20:38 16 Feb 24
I have taken many designer handbags and shoes to Mr. Dryclean. Jacqueline and her mom run a wonderful business priding themselves on clean, precise work. Their repair work is unmatched. My items always look pristine when I pick them up 👠🩷
Anita AllahverdiAnita Allahverdi
02:48 16 Feb 24
Exceptional service and impeccable attention to detail define my experience with Mr. Dryclean. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. Not only were my garments expertly cleaned and restored to perfection, but the staff went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Their commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their service, from their eco-friendly cleaning methods to their prompt and reliable turnaround times. The care and precision with which they handle each item instill complete confidence in their expertise. I highly recommend Mr. Dryclean to anyone seeking top-notch dry cleaning services. Their dedication to excellence sets them apart, making them my go-to choice for all my garment care needs.
Theresa MatosianTheresa Matosian
21:03 15 Feb 24
This dry cleaners is the best one i have ever seen. Very professional I look forward to drop clothes when all the stuff see you come in and they’re very friendly and they are very fast with getting your clothes back to you . I even trusted my wedding dress with them and they made it look brand new and packed it in a beautiful box for me to keep for many years .
Artin GharabeygiArtin Gharabeygi
15:05 02 Dec 23
Tony CaheeTony Cahee
22:48 25 Jul 23
After buying my suit it sat in the closet and somehow got stained with what was probably paint from rubbing on the wall. Not only did they get the stain out but the suit looked vibrant and amazing. Great job! So thankful to save the suit.
00:12 31 Mar 23
I recently stumbled upon this place as I was driving through foothill Blvd. I am beyond amazed at the cleanliness and professionalism of this business. First off the girls are beyond amazing, and make you feel welcomed. I had a-lot of items that had to be done for the weekend and to my surprise it was ready the next day just in time for my trip. My items have never been this professionally cleaned ever (you can instantly see the professionalism by the way the items are returned). I will be returning back. Just a side note that they clean all your items individually without any harmful chemicals. I cannot wait to use more of their services once I’m back

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